Computer Recycling- Facts to know


Computers are used by everyone and anyone. From home users to specialized industries – all use computers. Infact computers are used even in schools.

The computer industry is one which is rapidly growing and developing. Computers get faster, more powerful and have the capability of more space than their predecessors. As a result of this, computers fast grow obsolete and everyone wants to buy the best computer in the market. This also means that there are a number of computers which are discarded and no longer of any use. Therefore, getting rid of old computers is as important as buying new computers.

Computer Recycling

Computer recycling is also called as e-waste recycling or electronic recycling. In this, the components are disassembled and separated. The ways of disposing of the computers are through various procedures : re-use of old computers, donating the computers to other institutions or people who would use them and repairing the computers for use or perhaps even upgrading old computers.

Reasons for recycling

When computers are recycled the major reason for recycling is the fact that these components are made of rare earth metals and precious or semi precious metals. All these metals are in limited supply. These have the capability of being used in new devices and recycled that way post being purified. This is called circular economy.

Recycling also helps the environment as harzardous waste including heavy metals and carcinogens including lead, mercury and cadmium get released into the atmosphere or into landfills or even water. A computer monitor has a cathode ray tube. This contains lead glass which has more than 6% of lead by weight. A 15 inch monitor is said to have upto 1 kg of lead and other monitors can contain upto 4 kgs of lead. The circuit boards too contain lead-tin solders. These are very dangerous and even though electronics are worth a fraction of the cost, the hazards of them being untreated and polluting the environment is enormous.

Another reason for recycling computers is that tin, silicon, iron, aluminium and plastic which are the components of computer systems can be recycled. Once recycled, the cost of the new computers created using these reclaimed materials can be reduced.

On the downside these waste materials are sent to counties with lower environmental standards. These generally are third world or developing countries and due to the poverty and lax regulations they are accepted by these countries. The workers in these countries scavenge whatever products can be used from these computers, sell those components and throw the rest away. This then pollutes the air, land and water of these developing countries.

There is also the question of data security. Incase hard drives are not properly erased, the critical and sensitive information stored in them can be misused. Information could include credit card details, financial data, account information, online transaction data. This is used by scamsters and those who want to commit fraud.

Computers need to be recycled but recycling should be done responsibly and in an efficient manner.


Home Office,how to get the best one

Today, more and more people prefere working from home . For the new dads and moms, it is the best option which allows them to reconcile their job and a calendar of occupied guard. Many independent person begin working from their house also, preferring beginning from an office in their office at home rather than from splitting in two of expenses for the expensive commercial places.

He ya many advantages to be worked of the home, including a timetable of flexible job, no displacement hectic and any of entertainment to waste time of a very seen frequently office opened up. However, he has his many falls also, and is indeed not for everybody.


If you decide to make jump and to begin working on home, it ya some important aspects consider which can affect your happiness and of success. Many people consider that the key of better results is organised, and more particularly, having an organised office.

It is therefore enough why is it so important? Without an environment of organised office, you are likely to blend your job and family life, and it can be embarrassing when you try to get as part of mind to get tasks of accomplished important job. Without the motivation of a boss demanding behind your back, you will also need the discipline of an environment structured for better performer.

He is true as as your job with advantages directly from a big space of office. With efficient systems and structures in place, job becomes easier and less stressful. Having sharpened your working space in your home, him ya some things that you must be sure that you set up.

The first is group of systems to organise all your documents. These can include files, files and receptacles with paper. For a bigger workload, a cupboard can also be necessary. Receptacles with paper are a key element to have on your office. They allow you to separate your documents according to their function or from emergency.

The experts often recommend having receptacles with paper with at least three separated compartments. It is possible to be used for correspondence, second can be used as an addressee for your the most urgent job, and finally the last of sets can be used to gather your paper non-urgent ‘accord-avec-cette-tard».

Another key element of your office at home is a surface of ample job to complete successfully your tasks and a comfortable chair. Many people overlook these factors, by assuming that they will be capable of performing as well the comfortable chesterfield in their living room as in an environment of office.

How and Where to buy Good Computer Components?

Due to internet technology, every article that you could the same desire or need to buy can be found now often online, in certain cases, to be sent on the other side of the globe to attain you. It is indeed true for the components of the computer, which can be very advantageous that to find exactly what you need locally is not always possible.


Because of necessity for the competitive computer components for the building of new computer systems or their replacement of broken rooms, him ya a lot of different types of online retailer giving these elements. They can be a specialist in a particular type of the technical equipment, or they can on the place be a general supplier who gives a broad range of articles related.

Whoever is the retailer to instal you on, it is important to prove some things to assure you that you will get a product which answers your needs and waitings. First of all, be sure that the online shop which you buy to leave is of good reputation, as many computer parts are possible cost a lot of money which could finish by wasting.


To assure reputability, it is recommended to go with firms which have a solid case of the feedback of the clients, to give online prices with the fact that you know the product value is reasonably, and to have a range of active service options to the customers so that you can get into contact if there is a problem.

Often, it can be tempting to buy at a high price of the equipment fewer sellers of less good reputation, but it can turn round if she is later discovered that the bought articles are not really at the height technically. In certain cases, their use can even cause damage in your computer system.

Secondly, the supplier whom you buy to leave should be well-informed on computers if they sell computer components. Although some persons who buy is very well possible know which produces that they want precisely, it is not always case and sometimes professional advice and can go a long way.

Find a firm which can help you to choose between the sweeping different from the room of the computer therefore very advantageous. Many good retailers will be happy to give you the benefit of their many years of experience which can help you to choose the product adapted to your specific needs, that it is a card mother, a processor or a module of memory.

You should also look for a firm which gives guarantees, or at least a refund reasonable and equitable and returns politics on the product which they sell. The problem with the purchase of technical components – especially online – is that elements risk not working correctly once you receive them.

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